Audio & Video Transfers and Restoration

Transfers and Restoration

Audio & Video Transfers & Restoration

Whether you have an old recording of family members from years ago, on a format that's no longer serviceable or available, or you're an investigator or litigator who needs a recorded conversation to be more intelligible, or you just want a CD of that old, noisy, favorite LP of yours, Blue Sky can help!  We can take the "pops" out of records, restore the high end & take the hiss out of tapes, or if necessary, perform some "major noise reduction surgery".

We also do Video Transfers! Get those old tapes, records and VHS tapes onto CD & DVD!  Contact us for more details.

Transfer audio from:

  • Vinyl Records (78's, 45's, 33's)
  • ΒΌ" Reel to Reels
  • Cassette Tapes
  • 8 Track Tapes
  • Micro Cassettes
  • Mini Disc
  • ADAT
  • DAT

Transfer audio to:

  • CD / DVD
  • .mp3 / .wav and other files on CD or customer supplied thumb drive

Transfer video from:

  • VHS tape
  • Your camera (super 8, hard disc, etc.)

Transfer video to:

  • DVD
  • Video file (.mp4, .avi, .wmv, .mov, etc.)

"Blue Sky's Scott Apicelli is someone I love having at the controls in the recording studio.  He has ears you can absolutely count on for the finest nuances of pitch, musical line, and rhythm.

Judy Wyle
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"Blue Sky is great!  We have all of our music edited here and we are always happy with the service as well as the finished product.  They are a very professional company to work with and we love it."

Dance Dimensions Albany

"Scott, I am thrilled.  What a professional job.  Thank you."
(For production of Town of Malta theme song)

Paul Sausville, Supervisor, Town of Malta

"I have worked with Scott on two projects now.  One that I produced for another artist and my own album as artist and producer.  He mixed and mastered both.

Salvadore Poe
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"I have worked with Blue Sky Studios on numerous occasions and can recommend their services without hesitation.  The studio is professional; the staff is knowledgeable and extremely easy to deal with.

Robert Beaulieu
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"One unit of study that my students undertake every year is called Writing & Recording Original Music.  For this project, we can only do so much without the assistance of a competent sound engineer and state of the art recording studio.  We have come to depend on Scott Apicelli and his staff to meet our needs.

Peg Danner-Frank, New Visions: Performing Arts Program, The Arts Center of the Capital Region
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"Masterful engineering captures the beautiful, rich tone of Darhon's Salvi McFall harp on these arrangements which employ the full range of the instrument.  Even those ever-elusive harmonics are clear and consistent."

Thom Dutton, Folk Harp Journal No. 105

"Blue Sky Recording has worked on my last two albums and has done an excellent job from start to finish.

Rob Lindquist
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"On behalf of the Dyer Switch Band, I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for the professional and skillful assistance provided to us on our latest project.  We have recorded two CDs at your studio and each time we had the wonderful opportunity to work with an experienced staff.

JoAnne Sifo
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"My music is a big part of me. When I decided that I was ready to record it, I took my search for a studio very seriously.  I interviewed four different producers, and finally happened upon Blue Sky Recording Studios.  It felt like I'd found a home. 

Kami Patrizio
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"My recording experience at Blue Sky was very positive.  The studio provided a relaxed atmosphere that made us all feel right at home.

Brian Patneaude
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