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New!  Group Music Classes for special learners & their peers

'We Are the Music Makers'

A six week music program for special learners and their peers!

These classes are open to all children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.

"We Are the Music Makers" is a music class designed to offer group music experiences for special learners, their families and caregivers, and their peers. This is a 40 minute group filled with instrument playing, movement, singing and songwriting. Created and run by a Board Certified Music Therapist, this group will promote socialization, motor skills, communication, language, overall engagement, creativity, listening skills, and more!

Our 6 week program will begin Wednesday, May 16th through June 20th!

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Offering 2 Classes on Wednesday afternoons!

  • Class 1 (ages 4-7): 3:30 - 4:10

  • Cass 2  (ages 8-12): 4:20 - 5:00

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