Your recording should sound great whether it’s played on a boom box, headphones, computer speakers, home stereo or a P.A. system… period.

Testimonial – “Blue Sky Recording has worked on my last two albums and has done an excellent job from start to finish. The studio is well equipped, and Scott Apicelli’s engineering skills from recording to cd mastering are very evident. Since mastering my second CD, many listeners, including my fellow musician friends, are very impressed with the sonic quality and clarity. Being a well-versed musician himself, Scott had the keen insight into making my session a success, knowing how to compliment my music in the best possible way and taking time to make sure it was done right.”  – Rob Lindquist

cd mastering engineer
Take your mix to the NEXT LEVEL!

The mastering engineer, through skillful use of EQ, multiband compression, and stereo phasing techniques, can actually bring out subtleties in your mix.  The mastering process also includes song sequencing and spacing, level matching, fades, noise reduction (if necessary), and raising the overall level to commercial standards (“radio ready”).  Mastering is the most under-rated step in the recording process, and when done with care, it can give your music the finishing touch it deserves.


Testimonial – “I highly recommend Scott Apicelli and Blue Sky to anyone needing mastering services for their disc. Blue Sky always comes through with professional results that make a difference in the quality of any recording.”  – Eric Walentowicz

cd mastering equipment