Improve Your Home Recordings

Have a limited budget, but can’t afford to sound like you have a limited budget?
We can help!  What’s your weakest link?

Drum Sounds – Take advantage of our many high quality mics, mic pres & compressors-not to mention our spacious recording room. Don’t forget that the room contributes to the sound of the drum kit!

Lead vocal – If there’s a lead vocal, it’s most likely the most important aspect of the song.  Recording your lead vocal through a quality signal chain can make a huge difference.  And different vocalists sound better through different mics.  Having a variety of quality (and even non quality) mics to choose from is a great asset.

Mixing – More than equipment, mixing is primarily about skill and experience.  Bring your pre-recorded tracks to us, and we can process them individually for an improved mix.

Mastering – Another art requiring skill and experience, mastering can greatly clean up & improve your recording.  Please refer to our mastering page for more information.

Real Piano & Vintage Keys – Why settle for synth emulations when you can have the real deal?  Add a baby grand piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer or Clavinet to your recordings.