Music Accessories & Supplies

Music Accessories & Supplies

Musical supplies are our specialty!

From strings, sticks, reeds, drum heads & music stands to slides, snares, swabs, mutes & harmonica holders, we’re here to provide our local musicians and music students with all of the musical accessories and supplies they need to play and maintain their instruments.  If there's something you use regularly, and you don’t see your particular brand or model, let us know and we’ll be happy to stock it for you.  Our aim is to be your local music store!

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Some examples of musical accessories that we stock:

Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin & Ukulele

Humidifiers, picks, guitar strings, bass strings, slides, instrument stands, gig bags, pre-amp/power tubes, guitar cables, 9v power supplies, tuners, capos, guitar parts, straps, guitar polish, foot rests...

Drums & Percussion

Sticks, heads, mallets, brushes, multi-rods, cymbal felts, cymbal sleeves, snare wires, wing screws, hi-hat parts, drum keys, multi-clamps, cymbal cleaner, tambourines, stick bags...

Brass & Woodwind

Reeds, swabs, cleaning kits, mutes, reed cases, mouthpiece caps, neck straps, instrument stands, cork grease, vale oil, slide oil...


Violin strings, viola strings, cello strings, shoulder rests, shoulder pads, rock stops, fine tuners, bridges, peg drops, rosin, string mutes, humidifiers...


Mic cables, mic stands, mic clips, transformers, speaker cables, MIDI cables, adapters, iPod cables, microphones, contact cleaner, isolation headphones...


Harmonicas, harmonica holders, keyboard stands, keyboard sustain pedals, music stands, music stand lights, music clips, metronomes, recorders, batteries, kazoos, jaw harps...

There are lots of excellent things about Blue Sky studios.  One of its best nuggets is Bernie Mulleda.  Bernie cannot only play a mean guitar, but can teach it, and can also fix it.  Or set it up if you’ve got something new and need to get it where it is just right for you.

Bill Vender
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"Bernie took an old 70's Ibanez of mine, which basically had become unplayable, and transformed it into one of my finest playing guitars. His experience and skill in guitar repair speaks for itself."

Pat Neary

"Thank you so much for all your help in renting a cello for my daughter Lily.  Your staff was patient, professional and kind, and made our cello rental a positive experience."

Tracy K.
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"Here's a note of praise for your shop.  I have this Epiphone Dot that I bought for almost nothing on Craigslist a while back.  I've been messing with the intonation, string height etc.

Ray G.
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"Thanks for doing such a great job with my Epiphone - the buzz is gone, the intonation is restored and the action is playable - great work!  Here’s a sample of some of my work over the last 3 years, hope you enjoy it!"


"We recently rented a clarinet for my other daughter Jessica and the young man at your store is to be commended for excellent customer service skills.  Thank You."

Ana W.

"Blue Sky has been part of growing up for my kids.  We encouraged them to find their musical voice.  We have had children take guitar, drums, and voice at Blue Sky.

Edward M.
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