Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons at Blue Sky Music Studios

So you like to sing!  Are you auditioning for a part at school?  Maybe you're in a band and feel that you need help hitting those high notes.  Or you play solo gigs but would like to improve your tone.  Do you like to sing pop?  Rock?  Jazz?  Broadway / show tunes?   Whatever your goal, our experienced voice teachers can assist you in obtaining it!  Vocal lessons will also help give you something every singer needs – confidence!

Any Age, Any Level!

We love to sing and enjoy sharing our knowledge with others!  Whether you're a beginner who needs help matching pitches, an advanced student trying to perfect your vibrato, someone who needs help with public speaking, or you just simply enjoy singing, we're here to help you along.  We teach voice lessons to children as young as 4 years old right up to retired adults.

​Learn to Sing the Styles that YOU Enjoy!

Do you enjoy singing pop such as Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars?  The jazzier style of Lady Gaga and Harry Connick Jr? Or do you like to rock out like Susan Tedeschi or Chris Cornell? Every vocalist needs to know certain techniques such as correct breathing and pitch awareness, but wouldn't you be more pumped working toward the goal of singing the music that excites you? Our vocal instructors will work with you to get you where you want to go, focusing on giving you both a solid foundation and applying what you learn to the style of music that you prefer and enjoy.

​Singing is Good for the Brain!

You can find numerous articles that talk about the physical health benefits of singing.  In addition to physical health benefits, you can find articles that talk about the positive effects singing can have on the brain regarding mood, stress, and even "lessening feelings of depression and loneliness".  Also, you can follow the link to this article to find out how singing can help the early development and education of young children.  Singing even helps promote language development in children.

Voice Instructors