Piano and Keyboard Lessons

Piano Lessons at Blue Sky Music Studios

Why Piano Lessons?

For beginners, piano is one of the most beneficial instruments to start on.  Even if just used as a stepping stone to other instruments, the physical layout of the keyboard provides the beginner with a view of the notes, ordered by pitch, enabling scales and chords to be visualized and their relationship to each other to be recognized.  Whether you'd like to play your favorite songs, learn how to improvise, or just gain a tool for writing songs, our experienced piano teachers can help you along!

Any Age, Any Level!

We enjoy helping others!  Whether a beginner learning their first note, an advanced student shooting for that next level or an adult revisiting an old passion, we’re here to help you along. We teach piano lessons to children as young as 4 years old right up to retired adults.

​Learn to Play the Styles that YOU Enjoy!

Would you like to be able to play Elton John or Billy Joel tunes?  How about the classic rock styles of Dr. John, Billy Preston, Ben Folds or Leon Russell?  Is Twenty One Pilots more your speed?   Perhaps you’d like to be able to play Mozart’s Alla Turka.  Or would you like to be able to improvise like Chuck Leavell with the Allman Brothers or even strive to learn the phrasing of Keith Jarrett on a jazz tune like All the Things You Are?  Of course everyone has to learn the basics such as technique, reading, coordination and theory, but how far will you go if you become disinterested because you’re exclusively working on music that bores you?  Our piano instructors will work with you to get you where you want to go, focusing on giving you both a solid foundation and applying what you learn to the style of music that you prefer and enjoy.

​Piano Lessons Are Good For the Brain!

You can find many articles that talk about the benefits that piano lessons have on the development of the brain regarding memory, verbal communication, coordination, mood - even autism, ADHD and brain trauma! Also, you can follow the link to this article to find out how musical training affects brain development in young children.

Piano and Keyboard Instructors