Drum and Percussion Lessons

Drum and Percussion Lessons at Blue Sky Music Studios

Drum Lessons at Blue Sky Music Studios

So you want to play in a band.  Or, you already play in a band but are feeling stagnant.  Maybe you don’t have the chops to play what you hear or what you want to play.  Or, you never got those drum rudiments together.  Perhaps you’re in the school band and need help with the mallet instruments or you want to move up to first chair and improve your NYSSMA score.  Or you play rock, but want some jazz chops to improve your jamming capabilities, or you want to know how to incorporate stickings and linear playing into your funk feels.  Do you wish your left foot could play the hi-hat as well as it can play the left bass drum pedal (or vice-versa)?  Whatever your goal, our experienced drum teachers can assist you in obtaining it!

​Any Age, Any Level!

We love the drums and enjoy sharing our knowledge with others! Whether a beginner learning their first rudiment, an advanced student trying to get to that next level or an adult just revisiting an old passion, we’re here to help you along. We teach drum lessons to children as young as 4 years old right up to retired adults.

​Learn to Play the Styles that YOU Enjoy!

Would you like to be able to pound out a solid groove like John Bonham or Dave Grohl?  How about something more progressive like Bill Bruford or Gavin Harrison?  Or maybe you enjoy the relaxed swing feel of Mel Lewis or the double bass chops of Chris Adler.  Can't figure out what Vinnie Colaiuta is playing?  Of course everyone has to learn the basics such as technique, reading, basic coordination and the rudiments, but won’t you be more pumped working toward the goal of playing the music that excites you?  Often, while working toward that goal, many stumbling blocks appear that are necessary to overcome in order to continue along that path.  Our drum instructors will work with you to get you where you want to go, focusing on giving you both a solid foundation and applying what you learn to the style of music that you prefer and enjoy.

​Drumming Is Good For the Brain!

You can find many articles that talk about the health benefits of drumming. In addition to health benefits, you can find articles that talk about the positive effects drumming can have on the development of the brain regarding mood, self-awareness, and even ADD. This article shows how drumming can help children with special needs. Also, you can follow the link to this article to find out how drumming can help the early development and education of young children in areas of mental health, physical fitness and even math!

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