Adult Private Music Lessons

Adult Private Music Lessons


Many adults pursue music lessons either as a relaxing hobby, for something to do while their child is taking their music lesson, or just simply to have some 'me time'.  Others find themselves in a situation or band and feel they're struggling to keep up.  Whether you're a working professional, parent, retiree or college student, we understand that music lessons do not have to be an added chore in your already busy schedule.  Our instructors will work with you at your pace, helping you to reach your musical goals in a fun, non-stressful manner.

It's Never Too Late!

So you don't think you can teach an old dog new tricks?  While learning an instrument as an adult can be difficult, it's never too late.   As this article states, in some ways it can actually be easier, and can have its advantages as well. As mentioned in this New York Times article, many successful, high achievers study a musical instrument.

Music Lessons Are Good For the Adult Brain

Just like our bodies, our brains benefit from a workout as well. You can find many articles about learning a musical instrument and the effects it has on the aging brain. As stated in this Johns Hopkins article, "When 13 older adults took piano lessons, their attention, memory and problem-solving abilities improved, along with their moods and quality of life. You don’t have to become a pro, just take a few lessons."

"I wanted to share some praise with you about the lessons that my 14 year old son has been a part of for two years with Tom Pirozzi.

Marielle Martin
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"I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you do teaching my son Jack.

M. DeAngelis
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"Blue Sky has been part of growing up for my kids.  We encouraged them to find their musical voice.  We have had children take guitar, drums, and voice at Blue Sky.

Edward M.
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