Lessons & Classes

Private Lessons Overview

Why Private Lessons?

The best, most efficient way for a student to improve on his or her instrument is with one on one, private lessons - especially at the early stages when the student is learning proper technique, and doesn’t yet have the knowledge to properly or efficiently apply the lessons learned solely from the internet or from a group setting.  A good private instructor will get to know you, and tailor the lesson to you - your likes, dislikes, practicing habits, learning needs and learning style.

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Kids Private Music Lessons


Kids love coming to Blue Sky to take private music lessons.  Whether a beginner or more advanced student, whether they need help in the school band, with NYSSMA, or they just want to form a band with their friends, we have an instructor that can teach almost any instrument to your child.  Our instructors will also include music styles that are of interest to the student, helping them to enjoy their music lessons, working toward the goal of playing the music they love.

Also, if they want to experience playing in a group, or improve on the experience they currently have, they can apply what they learn in our 2 week summer 'Make the Band' camp, where students are put into bands to record cover and original tunes in our professional recording studio.  We will not only teach your children - we will also do our best to help them to enjoy it!

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Adult Private Music Lessons


Many adults pursue music lessons either as a relaxing hobby, for something to do while their child is taking their music lesson, or just simply to have some 'me time'.  Others find themselves in a situation or band and feel they're struggling to keep up.  Whether you're a working professional, parent, retiree or college student, we understand that music lessons do not have to be an added chore in your already busy schedule.  Our instructors will work with you at your pace, helping you to reach your musical goals in a fun, non-stressful manner.

It's Never Too Late!

So you don't think you can teach an old dog new tricks?  While learning an instrument as an adult can be difficult, it's never too late.   As this article states, in some ways it can actually be easier, and can have its advantages as well. As mentioned in this New York Times article, many successful, high achievers study a musical instrument.

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Audio Engineering Classes

Engineering Classes, taught in our Professional Recording Studio.

Do you make your own recordings, but don't know why they don't sound 'professional'?  Do you do live sound, or control the sound for your own band, or at your church and know that it can sound better but don’t know how?  Will you be going to school for audio engineering, and want to get the most out of your tuition by getting your feet wet ahead of time?  Blue Sky's Audio Engineering Classes are taught in our studio by Blue Sky’s owner/award winning engineer/producer Scott Apicelli, and will take you from the basics of acoustics through to advanced mixing and mastering techniques.

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Summer Rock Band Camp

Join us at Blue Sky Music Studio for this year's Make the Band camp - a 2 week rock band summer music camp.

Over a 2 week period, participants will be placed in bands, with the focus being on playing with other musicians.  Bands will work on both cover songs AND original music written by the students in the camp. The last 2 days will be a recording session in our state of the art recording studio, where the ensembles will be recorded onto a CD for each student to take home!  Students will be receiving a total of 30 hours in this camp.

2019 Camp: August 5th - August 16th

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Baby / Toddler Music Classes

*Reminder - Morning classes will be cancelled if Bethlehem Schools are closed or delayed!*

Come bond with your baby / toddler through music!

Romper Rhythms is a music class for babies and toddlers that's different from all of the others.  Full of hands-on activities & musical instruments, once per week your child will look forward to singing songs, dancing with monkeys, shaking shakers, jingling bells, hitting drums, and much more!  There are music classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and we offer both morning and evening classes.  If neither mom nor dad can make music classes, Romper Rhythms is a great activity for grandma or grandpa to do with your youngster as well!

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