Engineering Classes

Blue Sky Music Studios is now offering Engineering Classes, taught in our Professional Recording Studio.

Classes will cover such topics as:

  • Sound & Acoustics
  • Mixing Consoles / Signal Flow
  • Microphones & Miking Techniques
  • Equalization
  • Digital Theory & Technology
  • Compressors & Noise Gates
  • Delays, Reverbs, Flanges & Chorus Effects
  • Mixing / Mastering Techniques

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    Testimonial – "Your audio engineering class had something valuable to offer every week & I learned something at each and every session. Communication was wide open and when questions were asked they thoroughly answered. Sitting right in the control room with someone who is does it for a living, listening with real-life examples and comparisons, gave me new perspective & appreciation for the recording process. I felt bad when it was over but it has made me better at what I do in music."  – William Vender

    Testimonial – "Scott, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the audio classes and I thought they were great. It was exactly what I needed to take my audio interests to the next level. It really got me excited to try new things with confidence and makes me want to learn more. Thanks again!"  – Ed Guidry

    Testimonial – "I’m currently going to school at the Art Institute, and I am not learning anything new here. Scott had already taught me everything that I’m learning here, in the 8 classes I met with him."  – Scott Prian